About Credit Compass from Callcredit

Your Credit Compass credit report is provided to you by Callcredit, one of the 3 UK credit reference agencies.

Banks, building societies and other lenders share credit information about their customers with credit references agencies. When you apply to a lender they contact a credit reference agency to obtain a copy of your credit report. They use the information to help them decide whether to accept you and at what rate. Credit reference agencies such as Callcredit do not make lending decisions, they simply provide information to lenders who uses the information alongside their own criteria to decide whether to accept you.

Most lenders use more than one of the credit reference agencies and most major lenders submit information to all 3. However some lenders only use 1 agency, so it may be worth checking your report with all of them.

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A monthly fee of £14.95 applies. Your first monthly payment will be taken 15 days after you register for your Credit Compass credit report.

If you are a 3rd party organisation interested in finding out about selling Credit Compass credit reports to your customers please let us know at sales@creditcompass.co.uk