Identity Theft Protection Alerts

When you check your credit report you may notice that something looks wrong, for example an account you don’t recognise or a significant unexplained change in the balance of one of your accounts. This may be a sign that somebody has fraudulently used your details.

Being a victim of identity theft can be distressing and time consuming to resolve, as well as having a direct impact upon your finances. If identity theft happens it’s important to be aware of it so that we can help you correct your details and restore your credit profile. To help you do this Credit Compass will constantly monitor your credit report and if there are significant changes such as new accounts being opened we will send you an alert to let you know. You can then check your report and if your identity has been compromised you can contact us so that we can help you resolve it.

Your Credit Report comes directly from Callcredit, so you can be sure of receiving the Expert Advice you need to help you manage your finances.

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